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Saint-Chamond 1/72 Die Cast Model

Wings of the Great War

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World War I, a time when battle tank manufacturing was in its absolute infancy, offers us but a glimpse of the powerful, versatile, and lethal armored vehicle technology that would rapidly progress before the outbreak of World War II. These early-era tanks, to our modern sensibility, are fascinating in their simplicity though they offered soldiers of the time an opportunity to travel at higher speeds, traverse difficult landscape, and be equipped with dynamic and mobile weaponry.

Though not a tank by today's standards, the Saint-Chamond was manufactured by the French beginning in the spring of 1917. Its early units were not particularly effective, suffering from lack of power and poor-quality tracks. By the end of the war, however, when battle largely moved out of the trenches, it became much more efficient. It also featured a 75mm main armament and four Hotchkiss machine guns — and roughly 400 were built in total.

This 1/72 scale resin replica of a Saint-Chamond nicknamed "Chantecoq" — one of the very first models in our brand new Wings of the Great War: Armor Collection — features textured surfaces, accurate weaponry, realistic tracks, a removable display base, and authentic 1917 markings. Measures approximately 4¼" long.