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USS Texas BB-35 1/350 Kit


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Both members of the New York Class of battleships — the USS New York and her sister-ship the USS Texas, each laid down in 1912 — saw combat duty during World War I and World War II. The USS Texas completed numerous sorties in the North Sea during The Great War, and, during the Second World War, served in nearly every theater from North Africa, the Normandy Invasion, and, ultimately, in the Pacific. She was the first battleship to become a permanent museum ship after her 1948 decommission.

This 1/350 scale plastic kit of the legendary battleship features a two-piece full hull, a detailed deck surface and superstructure, interior reinforcing bulkheads, full weapons suite, a fully-rendered utility crane, ship boats, anchor chain, two OS2U aircraft models, a display stand, a commemorative nameplate, colorful decals, and a comprehensive painting guide with specifications for flags, hull numbers, deck markings, and aircraft insignia. Measures approximately 19½" long